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Lash Lift F.A.Q.

What is a Lash Lift?

The Lash Lift is a revolutionized perming procedure. Using silicone pads and a gentle perming lotion the lashes are curled to reach their true potential. Your natural lashes are left longer and thicker in appearance with results lasting up to 8 weeks.

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Is the Product Safe?

Yes absolutely! The product used although has the same chemical make up of a perm solution is much gentler and formulated for you lashes.

Will the Lash Lift Damage My Natural Lashes?

No they will not. The formula used is extremely gentle. Your tech is trained to asses the lashes appropriately to determine the length of time the product should stay on your lashes for. Your lash integrity is of the upmost importance to us! 

How Long Will a Lash Lift Last?

A Lash Lift can last up to 12 weeks but can vary from person to person. On average most clients will come back every 6-8 weeks to repeat the process.   . There are some situations that may cause the lift to drop/weaken prematurely such as swimming, use off harsh products or heat. If you find that your lift does not last the full 2 months, you can repeat the treatment after a minimum of 4 weeks of having the initial treatment, but not before.

Will I Have a Reaction to the Lotion?

Very few people have a reaction to the lotion but that doesn’t mean you won’t be one of them. What one person reacts to, another is fine with. This is why you can opt to have a patch test 24 hours beforehand. A patch test is quick and simple. It consists of us placing 2 drops of lotions behind the ear for 15 minutes. Wiping it off and waiting to see if any subsequent irritation occurs over the next 24 hours such as redness, itching or inflammation for example.

I Wear Contact Lenses, Can I Still Have the Procedure Done?

Yes. However, we will ask you to remove them temporarily during the treatment as the eyes will be closed throughout.

Can I Wear Makeup After My Lash Lift?

Yes but it is advised that you leave your lashes untouched for at least 12 hours after your treatment. You may find that there is no need for mascara anyway, but if you wish to make your lashes even fuller, a non-waterproof mascara is advised as the removal of waterproof mascaras can be harsh on the lashes and weaken the lift.

How Do I Clean My Eyes?

Gently, using mild products. Always wait 24 hours to do this, straight after the procedure.

Does the Lash Lift Service Hurt?

No, a lash lift should never hurt. You may experience a warm tingle feeling from the water soluble glue. You also may experience some pressure or pulling while lashes are being fanned out on the silicone pad but you should never feel pain or burning. If you feeling any discomfort during your appointment please let your tech know.