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B.B. Artistry offers a combination of services to suit all your beauty needs. To book a service please visit our online booking site by clicking here.


Lash Lift

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Lash Tint

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Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lift is a service that uses gentle
products to lift your natural lashes so they appear thicker and longer. Results typically
 last 2 months. A Lash Tint added with the
Lift will give you a look that is similar to
wearing mascara.

$ 80

Classic Lash Extensions - Full Set

High quality lashes and adhesive is used to create longer fuller lashes by applying an
artificial lash to to each individual natural

$ 85

Classic Lash Extensions -
 1 Week Fill

$ 35

Classic Lash Extensions -
 2 Week Fill

$ 45

Classic Lash Extensions -
3 Week Fill

$ 55

Lash Extension Removal

$ 15

Hybrid Lash Extensions

5D fans and 1:1 lashes are applied to create a more filled in but still natural look.

$ 120

Hybrid Lash Extensions - 

1 week Fill

$ 45

Hybrid Lash Extensions - 

2 week Fill

$ 55

Hybrid Lash Extensions - 

6 week Fill

$ 65



Have fabulous natural looking brows with microblading. A manual pen is used to
 create hair like strokes. Microblading is
 considered semi-permanent and can last as long as you’d like with regular touch-ups!
Your 4-6 week touch up is included in the


Microblading Touch Up - 6 months


Microblading Touch Up - 1 Year

This is a brief item description.


Micropigmentation/Ombre Brows

This service is performed using a machine 
that creates a powdered in look for the 

brows. Results will last 3-5 years. This

service requires a touch up at 8 weeks 

which is included in the initial cost.


Brow Henna Tint & Shaping

Long lasting tint. Results last 2 weeks on
the skin and 4 weeks on the hair.


Brow Tint & Shaping


Brow Henna Tint

Long lasting tint. Results last 2 weeks on
the skin and 4 weeks on the hair.


Brow Shaping

A perfect brow shape that compliments your facial features. First an outline of the brow shape is drawn so you can feel confident you are receiving your desired shape. A combination of hard wax and tweezing is used to remove the unwanted hair.


Brow Tint

See your brows true potential with a tint
and discover brow hair you never knew you


Brow Wax

Clean up of the brow area. This is for clients who already have a clear defined brow


Henna Freckles - $35

Dip your toes in the water and express yourself through Henna Freckles! This service is great to do if you've been considering PMU freckles but are not ready to make the leap yet. Freckles can last up to two weeks on the skin.

PMU Freckles - $100

Ready to commit? PMU Freckles will last up to 2 years. These strategically places beauty marks won't just look adorable but they also help to distract from skin imperfections such as acne scars.

Combo Services

The Works

Lash Lift,Lash  Tint, Brow Shaping and
Brow Tint.


The Works - Includes Henna Tint

Lash Lift,Lash  Tint, Brow Shaping and
Brow Henna Tint.


Makeup Artistry

Makeup Application with Lashes

Includes 1 set of false lashes / application.


Makeup Application w/o Lashes

This is a brief item description.


Application of False Lashes

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What our customers are saying

Mandy is so professional and very precise with whatever application she is providing. I would and have recommended her services to many people.

Kim S - Client


  • Brushes - $ 20
  • Brazilian - $40
  • Bikini Plus - $35
  • Bikini - $25
  • Bum Cheeks - $20
  • Stomach $ 20
  • Lower Back - $15
  • Full Arms - $35
  • Full Leg - $55
  • Half Leg - $35
  • Lip - $15
  • Chin - $10